Country practitioners have a hard furrow to plough!

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is also quite challenging to supply these physicians with relevant information. While a cardiologist operating in an urban area usually deals with cardiac patients primarily, a country-gastroenterologist or a general practitioner may also be increasingly active in this field due to a lack of cardiologists in his area. For an optimum target group selection, it is indispensable to work with special geocoded environmental data and information on the actual practice focus to identify relevant (interdisciplinary) doctors. In Austria, there are 2,936 rural GP’s (working in cities with less than 10,000 inhabitants), many of them without specialists in their surroundings. Therefore, these physicians are increasingly relevant for special indications as prescriber or referring physician.

At a glance: GPs in entire Austria without … in the surroundings
… Paediatrician: 2,452 GP
… Cardiologists: 3,581 GP
… Gastroenterologist: 3,446 GP
… Rheumatologists: 3,752 GP
… Gynaecologist: 1,893 GP