How does the message go down with physicians?

The fact that we live in a world of increasing overstimulation strengthens the compulsion to select information intensively and to filter. Physicians are affected significantly, too. This information overload, however, makes it difficult for pharmaceutical companies to successfully place their advertising and product messages for the prescribing physician. The data analysts of Dynamic Targeting deal with this concern for many years already. To transport the product messages through communication channels which are preferred by the target group, is, according to market researchers, the order of the day. The crux: Many pharmaceutical companies are simply lacking the knowledge about the interests and preferences of their target group-physicians. Consequently, these companies are often in favour of marketing channels which are supposedly inexpensive, but without any acceptance on behalf of the target, these are ineffective and completely unsuccessful. The challenge now is to turn away from quantity and to apply attention to quality, time and the potential of the contact.

According to Dynamic Targeting, an interesting issue is that many doctors still prioritize the textual presentation of information. “Information is often looked up on the Internet,” says Martina Schoen, a market researcher of Dynamic Targeting, “many physicians use this channel on a daily basis already, hospital-based physicians more intensively than the office-based ones”. Dynamic Targeting also analysed that the telephone access is another effective way to stay in touch with physicians. In this connection, the short and concise transmission of the information is strongly appreciated. Although communication is actually shifting more and more to the online area, traditional communication channels must not be underestimated, warn the analysts. The personalization, but also the choice of communication channels are important. “The key to success lies in an appropriate channel to the right physician,” says Schoen conclusively.

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