Digital Services

Precise, specifically targeted, quantifiable

Place your message in a promising setting and reach your target group with pinpoint accuracy – in the digital domain as well. Our clear focus on user experience as well as the  provision of competent and useful content make our services an important source of information for doctors and pharmacists. Using combined push and pull strategies, we will assure you maximum awareness and increased sales.

Product training (e-detailing)

Web-based interaction with doctors

Web-based, training tool in the form of an animated short film provides information on your product and allows digital interaction with doctors. Disease courses, prevalence, mechanism of action, dosage and much more are put together especially for doctors, thereby saving them time. This information also serves as a useful aid for your sales force. Doctors can access information about your product and learn all about them themselves at any time and from anywhere.

ClinicalALERT & special newsletter

The digital mailing for addressing the groups you want to target

clinicalALERT: the accurate digital telegram for your new products and achievements,  sent specifically to doctors relevant to you in Austria and Switzerland.  Recommended for new approvals, notifications about marketing authorisation extensions and (new) trial data on your medicine. Read more


High-quality image material aid for your target group

ec-europe stands for medically referenced image material that serves to aid doctor-patient communication.  ec-europe offers high-quality, scientific handout material that makes your target group’s daily working life easier. Communication between doctors and patients is facilitated and compliance promoted. Read more

Case report quiz (e-detailing)

Web-based patient case in quiz format

One or several patient cases in the form of a web-based quiz. The doctor is introduced to the patient case and, using play, faces questions concerning diagnosis and treatment. After each question, the doctor receives immediate feedback on the case history. This way, he-she is actively involved in the training. Product placement at the end of the quiz links patient cases to your product.