Dynamic Targeting

Your expert when it comes to target group analyses.

Intelligent identification of relevant doctors and high potential pharmacies!

With dynamic targeting we combine numerous data – available on a personal level – which are used in a way fitting to the strategy and situation (product life cycle, indication environment, competition,…). Thus targeting experts support you in identifying the relevant doctors or pharmacists and distinguishing between them even according to your communication preferences.

Dynamic targeting is different to classic analysis tools above all in the diversity of the data, as well as the high (up to 100%) coverage of – mainly observed – real-time data on indications and significant additional parameters. Dynamic targeting combines comprehensive information on (environment) potential with affinities, training behaviour and expert activities.

Our method also guarantees seamless co-ordination between doctor and pharmacists, as well as the areas of hospital and private practice.

  • Intelligent:Comprehensive assessment and inclusion of several parameters such as the environment potential, relevant priorities, interests and affinities as well as expert activities of doctors or priorities and specialisations of pharmacies.
  • Precise: Screening of the doctors/pharmacy landscape in Austria and Switzerland – detailed “familiarisation” and evaluation of the relevant players for your products.
  • Sustainable: Basis for an efficient, profitable and targeted resource approach for your marketing and sales activities.
  • Effective: Creating individuality through targeted language using knowledge of channel preferences.

Multi-channel concepts

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Territory Alignment

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