Hotline Services

We communicate on your behalf with doctors, pharmacists and patients

From Push to Pull – with our Hotlines you are always reachable for your target group.

  • Indipendent: Accessibility for your target group without an “additional employee”.
  • Professional: Specially trained Call Agents with medical training as direct contact person.
  • Informative:Optimal support of the target group and production of additional information by interactive communication.
  • Customised: Data bases and services, as you need it. Every Hotline requires a customised setting (e.g.: recall and testing of devices; sensitive patient discussions; rapid information sharing; orders; …)
  • Combinable: Combine our Hotline service with TeleMarketing, sales campaigns etc. as a comprehensive service for your target group.


Schütz picks up for you

We take calls from doctors, pharmacists and patients in your name. Read more


Schütz makes calls for you

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