Market research

Know about your target group

We find out for you, what you want to know.
Do you have questions for a doctor, pharmacist or other persons in the health care sector? With the help of our division Schütz Medical and our market research tools, you gain access to online and/or offline market research with the responses, new information and knowledge of changes in awareness of the respondents that you are looking for – in German, Italian and French. We advise you in the choice/combination of the right channel when designing questions and interpreting the results.

  • Representative: Selection of the relevant target persons for you by means of random selection, a customised analysis of the target group or defined statistical selection.
  • Reliable: Meaningful results through a guaranteed respondent number.
  • Quality: Trained staff (medical sales representatives or medical/pharmaceutical educational background) according to BioLogic® concept enable higher numbers of participants and more questions answered.
  • Time-saving: Swift availability of the relevant target group through the service centre or via the online doctor-pool MindMaker.
  • Interactive: Active discussions and obtaining additional information in a personal meeting with the doctor or inclusion of multimedia content in the online context.


Your ear to the market

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