Guerrilla-marketing with regional experts

Alongside with traditional focus groups, pharmaceutical companies now also bet on interdisciplinary active physicians who act as experts. Moreover, regional and young doctors also add zest to various events and additionally encourage to visit these. Thus, for instance, in the field of diabetes, there are, by the side of the specialist groups in internal medicine and general medicine, 359 physicians revealed who have published on the subject, spoken at events or published their expertise on the internet. In the field of COPD / asthma this subject concerning 140 doctors not belonging to the focus groups is treated as well.

Young, regional and interdisciplinary operating physicians offer potential for “new” attractive subjects and perspectives. They provide incentives to deal with a lot of topics that have been already worked through once more. Those who know other relevant experts may use them consciously as draught horses and crowd pullers for the purpose of event presentations, for example.

“Expert activity” in Austria at a glance:
-more than 11,000 physicians with at least 1 expert activity

-thereof more than 200 physicians with over 100 activities (TOP KOLs)