Information behaviour of physicians 2014

“The comparison with our study from the previous year shows a significant increase in the use of online channels,” says MMag. Lisa Wolfsteiner, concerned Head of department of Medizin Medien Austria on the survey results. Due to the fact that in 2013, with more than 900 respondents, focus was laid on GPs, and this year emphasis was put mainly on specialists, these two figures are indeed not fully comparable. However, trends can be read out. One of these trends also shows that the difference in information behaviour between large and small practices is substantial. While small practices obtain information from online channels to a greater extent, specialists from large practices rather attain their knowledge from events, from professional journals, or through contacts with pharmaceutical representatives. “Journals and events are generally a big hit (yet)”, says Wolfsteiner subsequently, “because nearly 60% of all respondents get information relevant to them through these offline channels predominantly.”