KOLs as the key to success

Overstimulation and an abundance of classic advertising and product messages often make it difficult to reach the target physicians with the own message. Dynamic Targeting data reveals that just the advice of colleagues is one of the main sources of gathering information concerning new products and indications. As a follow, opinion leaders, and especially regional opinion leaders, play an essential role in pharmaceutical marketing. Once a so-called Key Opinion Leader is convinced, he takes over a part of the marketing tasks – according to the motto “A satisfied customer is the best seller”. Data from the Dynamic Targeting database shows that there is no shortage of potential local and regional opinion leaders. These “only” need to be convinced.
Examples of national and regional Key Opinion Leaders per indication in Austria:

Crohn’s disease: 99 KOLs
Diabetes: 449 KOLs
Vaccinate: 160 KOLs
Rheumatoid arthritis: 262 KOLs
Infectious Diseases: 149 KOLs