Physicians who recommend OTCs are also an issue in Austria

For a long time, the territorial protection was a surety for many pharmacies’ sales figures – nowadays, other factors are increasingly evolving into strong pillars of sales. Dynamic Targeting analysed the indicators of a successful pharmacy in detail. The results show that both, the geographical location and the purchasing power in the pharmacy’s surroundings, are not crucial solely.
Due to the steadily rising numbers of drug stores and online retailers and, consequently, an advancing competition, customer loyalty and retention is becoming increasingly important in the field of pharmacy. Pharmacies with customer loyalty programs as customer cards, newsletters, in-store TVs, consulting tables and much more experienced stronger sales than their competitors. Similarly, the online presence of a pharmacy has a positive effect on sales.
A strong influence that must not be forgotten is connected with the so-called “frequency bringing” physicians. The prescribing behaviour of physicians located in the pharmacy’s surroundings has a corresponding effect on the relevant pharmacy products’ sales.
Average number of doctors in the surroundings of pharmacies – ranked according to the pharmacy annual sales in total:
> 3 million euros: 37 physicians
2-3 million euros: 31 physicians
<2 million euros: 29 physicians Especially physicians who are OTC-affine are revenue driver for pharmacies by giving recommendations concerning non-prescription products. Knowledge of the influential physician, as well as the care and integration of the interface physician & pharmacy represent a unique know-how and, thus, a significant competitive advantage.