The pharmacy in focus

“What do you think, which parameters are crucial for a high-selling pharmacy?” With this question, addressed to the auditorium, MMag. Lisa Wolfsteiner, Head of Dynamic Targeting, began her presentation last week, which was supposed to fix the key indicators of a successful pharmacy within the framework of an Igepha-breakfast. The fact that the geographical location and the associated surrounding purchasing power is not a decisive factor for high-revenue pharmacies solely, indeed surprised many of the more than forty listeners. “Factors as crucial as the location are the performance, individual customer loyalty programs and, of course, the consultation,” says Wolfsteiner subsequently, “clear correlations can be established here. Own homepages, customer cards, cosmetics consultancy, as well as customer magazines are rather to be found in high-selling pharmacies.” A new customer magazine was then presented by Reinhard Rosenberger, Sales Manager of Medizin Medien Austria. “The APO Schaufenster medially foregrounds products and promotions and helps the pharmacist to sell in an active way. With more than 170 subscribers already, it is clearly obvious that there is a real demand”, explains Rosenberger in his statement. He expects a circulation of more than 70,000 right at the start already.